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Saturday Night Live Art Shows Infinity Aligned Energy Art

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Saturday Night Live Art Shows Infinity Aligned Energy Art

Welcome to Saturday Night Live Art Shows. See the show at

Mary Ann Benoit from Seward Alaska shares four fractal art designs in her "Infinity" Aligned Energy Art series and an Edesign of a living room she created to highlight them.

Everything is Energy.
Every object in your home, including you and all the people, animals, plants, furniture, etc. Is the energy harmonious like an orchestra playing together or chaotic like an orchestra tuning up? A home that feels great has harmonious energy. Your art plays a big part in that.

Energy can not be created or destroyed. How is your energy evolving and what is it creating? Surround yourself with art that reminds you what is important and enhances the energy of your space.

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Art + Science + Energy Creates Magic

Let's Make Some Magic Happen in your home. I create custom art for you that ties it all together.

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Get an Aligned Design consultation which included an Interior Design, Color, and Energy consultation, and custom fractal art to tie it all together.

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