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Saturday Night Live Art Shows Owl Feathers Aligned Energy Art

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Saturday Night Live Art Shows Owl Feathers Aligned Energy Art

Welcome to Saturday Night Live Art Shows. See the show at

In this show, I am sharing my "Owl Feathers" Aligned Energy Art series and an Edesign of a living room I created to highlight them and express their energy in a space.
Everything is energy.

Owl medicine is associated with clairvoyance and magic. Some native peoples call owl feathers "deceiver feathers" because they are so silent. I can vouch for that having done owl surveys in a previous wildlife biologist career and having owls fly in behind me and I did not hear them. Owl is a symbol of wisdom because they can see in the dark what others cannot. With an owl on your side, no one can deceive you.

You create your life by what you think about.

Surround yourself with art that reminds you what is important and enhances the energy of your space. How do you feel in your space? Is it ALIGNED with who you truly are?

When your space is better, you are better. When you are better, the world is better. The world needs you.

Choose to create a space that is aligned with You.

My unique Interior Design philosophy combines
The ART of beauty
The SCIENCE of color
The ENERGY of well-being

Art + Science + Energy = Magic

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This art is part of my Aligned Design Energy Art series. Learn more at

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