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Saturday Night Live Art Shows Phoenix Rising Energy Art

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Saturday Night Live Art Shows Phoenix Rising Energy Art

Welcome to Saturday Night Live Art Shows. See the show at

In this show I share my Aligned Energy Art series called "Phoenix Rising", with three fractal art /sacred geometry pieces in an Edesign I created to highlight them.

Why Phoenix Rising? We all have wounds that shape who we are.

Release them in an imagined fire ceremony where you step into flames and as the flames touch each one, they fall to ashes. Then, like the phoenix, you rise from the fire renewed.
My Edesign aligns art, science, and energy to create your perfect space.

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This is part of my Fire Element series. In Chinese healing arts, the fire element represents transformation, divinity, power, and passion. It can also represent destruction. The fire phase is a state of peak power and manifesting. Here you are in the maximum state of doing and activity.

You can use this energy art in your space to bring aspects you want of the fire element into your space to remind you what is important to you. See my Fire Element collection at

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Get an Aligned Design consultation which included an Interior Design, Color, and Energy consultation, and custom fractal art to tie it all together.

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